Hurricane Repairs Denied by Insurance Company

This is so sad to see, but it happens day in and day out. Although there is hope, most Floridians are unaware that they have the right to be represented with their own Public Adjuster. The Attorney featured here is one of the very capable counsels that we have recommended to our clients. Always call … Continue reading Hurricane Repairs Denied by Insurance Company

The Benefits of Preparing an Accurate Home Inventory

Why should creating an accurate inventory of all personal possessions be at the top of your to-do list? Because it is nearly impossible to remember all the contents you had in your home if it’s destroyed. Providing this information is an important and required part of filing a property insurance claim and getting the maximum financial settlement that is owed to you under your policy. 

When is Florida’s Tornado Season?

The biggest challenge with making a tornado insurance claim is understanding your coverage and knowing how to get what you’re owed under your policy.