Today is the First Day of Hurricane Season and Florida Disaster Preparedness Sales Tax Holiday

This sales tax holiday begins Friday, June 1, 2018 and extends through Thursday, June 7, 2018. During this sales tax holiday period, qualifying items related to disaster preparedness are exempt from sales tax. 

Sun Sentinel Article Addresses a Very Important Subject Regarding Your Insurance Claim

Article published in the Sun Sentinel on May 15, 2018 in the Money section. # # # Claims Aid Consultants, Inc. is a Florida Public Adjusting firm. We exclusively represent home and business owners after they have suffered a flood, fire or other disaster for which they make an insurance claim. Claims Aid Consultants works … Continue reading Sun Sentinel Article Addresses a Very Important Subject Regarding Your Insurance Claim

The Benefits of Preparing an Accurate Home Inventory

Why should creating an accurate inventory of all personal possessions be at the top of your to-do list? Because it is nearly impossible to remember all the contents you had in your home if it’s destroyed. Providing this information is an important and required part of filing a property insurance claim and getting the maximum financial settlement that is owed to you under your policy. 

This Just In: Early Forecasts for 2018 Hurricane Season

An early forecast for the 2018 hurricane season calls for a slightly above-average season with 14 named storms, seven hurricanes, and three major hurricanes.

Are Your Hurricane Accordion Shutters Causing Damage to Your Home?

This is the time to start planning for the upcoming hurricane and tropical storm season. Most homeowners with two-story homes in the past (and maybe in the future) will have, or have had issues while installing second story shutters. Most, but not all homeowners with two-story homes have installed easy-closing accordion shutters, thinking this will … Continue reading Are Your Hurricane Accordion Shutters Causing Damage to Your Home?

Hurricane Irma Update: Was Your Roof Leak Claim Unfairly Denied?

As a result of Hurricane Irma, our firm received many calls from clients who were notified by their insurance companies that their roof claims had been denied due to little or no damage or the amount paid was under their deductible. Upon our inspections of the very same (denied) roof claims, we discovered that not to be true at all. 

Attention Real Estate Professionals – Why Use a Public Adjuster?

By letting a public adjuster handle claims on REO managed properties, foreclosure properties and short sales, real estate agents can go back to their main business - selling buildings and structures, while the PA helps to get the proper claim payment from the insurance company.

Hiring a Public Adjuster vs. an Insurance Attorney

The majority of the time the amount of effort a public adjuster puts into the claim turns out to be in direct proportion to the result of the settlement which could end up to be three or four times the amount that an insured would receive if negotiated on their own.