Are Your Hurricane Accordion Shutters Causing Damage to Your Home?

accordian shutters 1

This is the time to start planning for the upcoming hurricane and tropical storm season. Most homeowners with two-story homes in the past (and maybe in the future) will have, or have had issues while installing second story shutters. Most, but not all homeowners with two-story homes have installed easy-closing accordion shutters, thinking this will give them ample time to close up their home for an incoming storm.

The truth is most of these accordion shutters create more damage than most homeowners could ever imagine. Below you’ll see some photos indicating the type of damage that can occur within the interior walls of your home’s upstairs living areas. Most two-story homes are constructed with one wall of cement block and one or two walls of wood with plaster over mesh. I’m not sure why this is done – maybe in an effort to save on construction costs of the home?

When homeowners unwittingly install these accordion shutters, the bolts that hold the shutters in place penetrate through the plastered mesh creating an orifice where moisture and water can penetrate into the interior of the home creating the following damages:

If you are considering installing these type shutters or have already installed them, please feel free to contact us for a free inspection of your home, either prior to installing them, or if they’ve already been installed. We will check for moisture that may be present as this could potentially cause significant damage to your home. But there is hope — in most cases it is covered by your homeowners insurance policy.

Contact Claims Aid Consultants Public Adjusters today at 954-482-5246 to make an appointment for a free, no obligation evaluation of your property.

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