Hurricane Irma Update: Was Your Roof Leak Claim Unfairly Denied?

Adjuster on roof

As a result of Hurricane Irma, our firm received many calls from clients who were notified by their insurance companies that their roof claims had been denied due to little or no damage or the amount paid was under their deductible. Upon our inspections of the very same (denied) roof claims, we discovered that not to be true at all.

Hurricane Irma’s destructive path through the entire peninsula of Florida left many in the Keys without homes and others up the coast suffering extreme wind damage to their property. In addition to the extensive amount of uprooted trees and shrubs littering neighborhoods and streets, there were many, many roofs that were torn apart and demolished.

Since this event was so widespread with over a million directly affected, property insurance companies recruited independent adjusters from every corner of the country, and anyone with a professional license of any kind in their home states were granted an emergency adjuster’s license without having any experience whatsoever to help them field the claims.

Many of these adjusters were either inexperienced or completely overwhelmed with the number of claims they were required to adjust on a daily basis that it was nearly impossible to give each claim the attention it deserved. During the times when we met with these adjusters at our inspection appointments, we found them lacking knowledge and fearful of climbing on top of the roofs, which is absolutely necessary to complete a comprehensive roof inspection.

If you feel your roof claim has been unfairly denied, Contact Us either by phone or e-mail and we will set up an appointment to meet with you free of charge and with no obligation.



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