Fort Myers Beach, Florida 10 months after Hurricane Ian

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A couple of weeks ago, our firm was called to an insurance appraisal on
Fort Myers Beach and what we saw is what can only be described as post apocalyptic. Even with less debris blocking the way, it’s apparent the rebuilding process has been slow, stalled by disputes with insurance companies.

In September 2022 Hurricane Ian devastated the Fort Myers Beach area. Although the town is recovering, there is still a long road ahead.

But with so many displaced residents and businesses, and buildings that appear all but abandoned, there are some signs of progress and recovery on the island with the sight and sound of construction crews working on houses and businesses.

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Most condominiums we saw were completely uninhabitable and had been vacated. Some residential lots have only a swimming pool left on the property. Many people currently on the island have an RV parked out front, helping to provide the necessities the house can’t offer.

Restaurant owners are operating out of tents and food trucks in parking lots, attempting to feed the residents and workers while bringing some money into their business.

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This is reality on Estero Island in Fort Myers Beach, one of the hardest hit areas when Hurricane Ian roared onshore last September. Recovery is occurring, however it has been incremental and slowed by red tape.

This was heartbreaking to see. So many of us have fond memories vacationing in Fort Myers Beach with family and friends… and now we anxiously await it’s full recovery so we may return.

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