Common Questions After Filing a Homeowners Insurance Claim

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Insurance claims coverage

Homeowners insurance protects your financial interests if your home is damaged or destroyed by a covered peril. A peril is something that causes or may cause injury, loss, or destruction, such as a fire, tornado, or hurricane.

Homeowners insurance policies vary between insurers so you should always take the time to review the coverage included in your own policy to make sure you have the coverage you need. It’s too late to obtain additional coverage after a loss has occurred.

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Common insurance claim questions

I filed an insurance claim more than 30 days ago and the insurance company hasn’t resolved it or issued any payments. Can they do this?

Within 90 days after a company receives notice of a new, reopened or supplement property insurance claim (damage to property only), the company must pay or deny the claim or a portion of the claim unless the failure to pay the claim or a portion of the claim is caused by factors beyond the control of the company.

My insurance company sent me a non-renewal notice. However, I have existing damage on my home. I thought the insurance company was not allowed to cancel policies with an open claim/existing damage?

Pending/Open Claim or Existing Damage: Currently, there are no laws that prohibit an insurer from cancelling a property policy if the insured has a pending claim except:

Upon a declaration of an emergency pursuant to s. 252.36, Florida Statutes, and the filing of an order by the Commissioner of Insurance Regulation, an insurer cannot cancel or non-renew a personal or commercial residential property policy if the insured has damage from a hurricane or wind storm until 90 days after the repairs have been made. The insurer may however, non-renew the policy with 45 days of notice if the insurer determines the insured has unreasonably caused a delay in the repair of the structure, or if the insurer has paid the policy limits.

Sinkhole Claim: Florida law states an insurer may not cancel any property policy on the basis of a claim for a partial loss caused by a sinkhole, as long as the total of the claim payments do not exceed the current policy limit and provided the insured has repaired the structure in accordance with the engineering recommendations. If the policy limits are paid, the policy can be non-renewed by the insurer.

Water Damage Claim: A single claim on a property insurance policy which is the result of water damage may not be used as the sole reason for cancellation unless the insurer can demonstrate that the insured failed to take action reasonably requested by the insurer to prevent a future similar occurrence of damage to the insured property.

When Disaster Strikes, Know Your Rights

We hope this never happens to you, but if you do suffer property damage due to a severe weather storm and need to file a claim with your insurance company, you may or may not know that you have the right to obtain your own representation.

Contact Claims Aid Consultants at 954-482-5246 or 772-249-7988 for a free, no-obligation property damage inspection throughout the state of Florida. We ONLY work for you, not the insurance company! Our public adjusters will help you navigate through the entire claims process to get you the best settlement and your home renovated and repaired as quick as possible.

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