Claims Aid Consultants Public Adjusters are Proud Members of FAPIA, IAUA and Windstorm Insurance Network


What is a “FAPIA” Public Adjuster?

A public adjuster who belongs to the Florida Association of Public Insurance Adjusters is a “FAPIA” adjuster. As FAPIA members, these adjusters adhere to a strict code of ethics and are able to take advantage of the best quality continuing education in the country. Additionally, FAPIA members have a network of resources to best assist you in handling your insurance claim. 

What is an “IAUA” Appraiser and Umpire?

IAUA appraisers and umpires maintain the highest level of professional standards and services for the purposes of protecting the rights of the insured and insurers in the Appraisal process. Membership is limited to individuals of good character who fulfill all requirements of the IAUA as set forth in the bylaws of the IAUA. 

What is a Windstorm Insurance Network professional?

The WIND Designation Program recognizes industry individuals who demonstrate professionalism and technical knowledge in the field of property and windstorm insurance claims. Windstorm Insurance Network professionals pass a distinct credential process for property and windstorm insurance claims. Professionals must meet high standards and are recognized for their experience, education, ethics, and engagement in the property insurance claims industry.

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