Attention Real Estate Professionals – Why Use a Public Adjuster?

house and money signThere are many challenges in selling a home, and one with damage will only be sold at a discounted price. There are times where this works and times where it is financially impossible to lower the price. Regardless, why not get full market value when selling the home?

When people talk about real estate, most envision picture perfect homes boasting white picket fences and spotless kitchens. Real estate agents know better. Many homes and commercial properties are unoccupied and have been damaged either by weather events such as storms and flooding, or by criminal activities resulting in vandalism. According to the National Association of Realtors, distressed home sales comprised 17 percent of the home sales market in 2014. Can they be sold as is? Sure but at what cost to the seller? Properties that are in good condition will likely retail at a higher price tag.

So how can sellers repair homes that have been damaged without losing a good chunk of their initial real estate investment? This is where a Public Adjuster comes in. Public insurance adjusters are licensed experts in processing and filing insurance claims for damaged properties. They handle the messy work, such as compiling extensive inventories of damaged appliances, furniture and decorations, and also act as liaisons between the insured, which in this case would be you, the real estate agent, and the insurance company. By letting a public adjuster handle claims on REO managed properties, foreclosure properties and short sales – real estate agents can go back to their main business, selling buildings and structures, while the PA helps to get the proper claim payment from the insurance company. By quickly processing claims, properties can be restored to the great condition that they were in before the hurricane, fire or vandals caused extensive damage.

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